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CE421 Energy Geotechnology and Geology

Course Objectives  

To introduce the student to terminology related to energy resource geology and engineering; to familiarize the student with the use of knowledge related to energy resource geology and engineering; to provide the student with a firm foundation for the continuation to more theoretical and applied aspects in earth science, geophysics, geomechanics, energy resource engineering.

Course Syllabus

  • 08-30-17   Course syllabus [PDF]



  • 09-04-17   HW. 1 [PDF]
  • 09-13-17   HW. 2 [PDF]
  • 09-20-17   Group Project #1 [PDF]
  • 09-27-17   HW. 3 [PDF] [ZIP]

Suggested Readings

  • G.E. Archie, 1942. The Electrical Resistivity Log as an Aid in Determining Some Reservoir Characteristics [PDF]
  • G.E. Archie, 1947. Electrical Resistivity : An Aid in Core-analysis Interpretation [PDF]
  • P. Glover, The Spontaneous Potential Log. Petrophysics MSc Course Notes [PDF]
  • Tissot & Welte, 1978. Classification of Crude Oil [PDF]