Post-doctoral Researcher

Dong-Hwa Noh

Research Interest

: Effect of microbial activities on seismic responses of porous media 

: Seismic responses of porous media during precipitation of soft and hard inclusions - effect of soft EPS and carbonate mineral precipitation. 

Ph.D Students

Soo-Min Ham

 Research Interest

 : Fundamentals of soil erosion phenomena (2-minute talk 2)

 : Modeling of hydraulic fracturing (2-minute talk 1) 

 : Coupled CFD-DEM modeling of fluid-solid interactions

Shin-Gyu Choi

Research Interest

: Geohazard prevention against debris flows and landslides

: P- and S-wave attenuation characteristics of soils under a triaxial stress condition

: Geophysical investigation of foundation depth of power transmission towers

Gi-Jun Lee

Research Interest

: Prediction of penetration and advance rate of tunnel boring machines (TBM)

: Terahertz laser-based imaging of porous media

Yong-Min Kim

Research Interest

: Bacterial biofilm and EPS formation in soils and its effect on hydraulic conductivity

: Bio-sealing of water-front earth structures using bacterial biopolymers and biofilms


Gyeol Han 

Research Interest

: Fines migration during hydrate production

: X-ray computed microtomography

: Diffusive growth of gas hydrate in porous media

Min-Kyung Jeon

Research Interest

:Two-phase flows in porous media - Pore network modeling and micro-fluidic experiments

:Micro-rheology of biopolymers and biofilms


  Seung-Hun Baek

  Research Interest

Carbonate cementation in sands: X-ray CT imaging and its effect on hydraulic conductivity

Hyun-Woo Joo

Research Interest

: Use of Induced polarization(IP) for monitoring of microbial activities in soils

Ryan Ramirez

Research interests are but not limited to: 

: Applications of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR)

: Soil Remediation Utilizing Waste Materials and By-Products

Master Students

June-Ho Park

Research Interest 

: Characterization and monitoring of T-H-M properties of rock masses in the high-level nuclear waste geologic disposal system

Oliver Ramos

Research Interest

Prediction of microbially induced calcite precipitation in porous media using reactive transport modeling

Gyu-Won Kim

Research Interest 


Visiting Students


Dr. Tae-Hyung Park (2-minute talk)
: Post-doctoral research fellow at National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S.A.

Dr. Sun-Gyu Choi
: Staff Researcher at National Disaster Management Research Institute

So-Jung Lee
: Ph.D. candidate at University of New South Wales, Canberra, Austrailia

Gyeong-Young Kim
: Research scientist at Information & Electronics Research Center, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea 

Yongjune Sohn
 : Reservoir Engineer at SK E&S Upstream Technical Center, Seoul, Korea 

Dr. Jinung Do
: Assistant Professor at Gyeongsang National University, Tongyeong, Korea


Jonathan Ajo-Franklin (LBNL)        Seiji Nakagawa (LBNL)                       Tim Kneafsey (LBNL)

Gye-Chun Cho (KAIST)                 Tae Sup Yun (Yonsei Univ.)                  

Nehal Abu-Lail (WSU)                   Balasingam Muhunthan (WSU)           Carlos Santamarina (Georgia Tech)            

Group Pictures

   2015 March KGS Spring National Conference 2015

   2016 February 2016 Winter MT
   2016 February 2016 KAIST Commencement
   2016 March KGS Spring National Conference 2016

   2017 February 2017 KAIST Commencement
   2017 June 2017 Summer MT 

   2018 May 2018 Interpore annual meeting
   2018 May 2018 Group picture
   2018 July 2018 Summer Workshop 

   2019 February 2019 KAIST Commencement